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GOP divide over Obama tax plan goes public

GOP divide over Obama tax plan goes public


Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will meet with congressional leaders
Republican Rep. Tom Cole says the House should pass President Obama’s tax plan
Obama is making his case directly to the American people this week
Republicans complain Obama refuses to provide a detailed deficit plan

Washington (CNN) — An angry warning by President Barack Obama delivered well over a year ago foreshadowed his campaign-style approach on Wednesday aimed at pressuring Republicans to compromise and reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.

In remarks at the White House, Obama urged Americans to call, e-mail and tweet their members of Congress to urge immediate passage of his proposal to extend tax cuts for most Americans while allowing rates on the wealthiest 2% to increase to 1990s levels.

“Let’s begin our work with where we agree,” the president said, noting the Senate has passed the measure and that both parties agree on holding down rates for the majority of taxpayers. “If we can get a few House Republicans to agree as well, I’ll sign this bill as soon as the House sends it my way.”

To applause from the White House audience that included those described by organizers as middle-class Americans, the president held up a pen to demonstrate his willingness to sign the law as soon as it reaches his desk.

Meanwhile, a rift among House Republicans on whether to give Obama what the wants became public Wednesday, with two conservatives saying the tax proposal would likely pass if [read more]

What a mess

Article from the AP and Fox news.


Coast Guard Tells BP to Speed Up Containment Pace


Published June 12, 2010

| Associated Press

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ORANGE BEACH, Ala. — The federal government has given BP until the end of the weekend to find ways to speed up efforts to contain huge amounts of oil gushing from a ruptured well in the Gulf of Mexico, according to a letter released Saturday, as large globs of brown crude coated Alabama’s white sand beaches.

Coast Guard Rear Adm. James A. Watson sent a letter to BP officials on Friday expressing frustration with the overall pace of the effort and ordered the company to identify ways to expedite the process in the coming says.

“Recognizing the complexity of this challenge, every effort must be expended to speed up the process,” Watson wrote in the letter, sent to Doug Suttles, BP’s chief operating officer.

BP has struggled with several efforts to contain the oil. The latest cap installed on the blown-out well is capturing about 650,000 gallons of oil a day, but large quantities are still spilling into the sea.

Scientists have estimated that anywhere between about 40 million gallons to 109 million gallons of oil have gushed into the Gulf since a drilling rig exploded April 20, killing 11 workers and triggering the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

The Coast Guard initially sent a letter to BP on Wednesday asking for more details on its plans to contain the [read more]

Democrat Leadership’s Definition of “Really Good”

This is how the Democrat leadership measures success by having 36,000 people lose their jobs.  The $800 Billion spending was supposed to create millions of jobs, yet we continue to see people lose their homes and jobs.  Only a politician would call the loss of 36,000 jobs a success. We here in Main Street America call this a failure.

According to Harry Reid, this is “Really Good”: [read more]

One Year Later, Where Are The Jobs?

One year ago, President Obama and the Democrat Leadership signed into law a spending bill they called the “American Recovery Reinvestment Act”.  The Democrats made claims that this $787 billion spending bill would create over 3 million jobs, prevent our unemployment from increasing beyond 8%, and would help our struggling economy.

Today, we have over 8.5 million Americans who have lost their jobs since the recession started. In California there are 2.2 million Californians who are out of work and in this past year, our state lost 47,000 employers.  The Democrats promises never came true.

What our country and state now has is not more jobs or a growing economy, we have a $1.3 trillion debt that continues to grow every single day.

In our Congressional District 11, which includes the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin and Santa Clara, what we have seen grow are food lines, unemployment, and the loss of homes and businesses.

The current people in Washington, D.C. don’t get it.  That is why I need your support now to retire the current Democrat Congressman Jerry McNerney.  With your help we can put a like minded, small business owner in congress, who understands that if you don’t have the money, you don’t spend it.

Here is how the Democrats have currently spent your hard earned money on this stimulus package:

$15,551 to Study Drunk Mice
$325,394 to Study “Mating Decisions” of Cactus [read more]

Beadles on Latest Unemployment Figures

“California Needs Forward Thinking Solutions That Creates Jobs, Not Eliminates Them.”

California’s payrolls dropped by more than 700,000 in the past year and the unemployment rate increased to 12.2 percent.  These latest unemployment numbers reflect the hardship that is being felt across this state.  In the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, our nation and state needs forward-thinking solutions that will keep our economy moving forward by creating jobs, not eliminating them.

Jobless Numbers Murky. GAO Says Data Not Reliable

If the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration can’t figure out how many jobs were saved or created, why should we trust them with more of our money? Why should the American people believe that spending an additional $800 billion in health care, will be deficit neutral? Obama’s hope has begun to meet reality.