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One Year Later, Where Are The Jobs?

One year ago, President Obama and the Democrat Leadership signed into law a spending bill they called the “American Recovery Reinvestment Act”.  The Democrats made claims that this $787 billion spending bill would create over 3 million jobs, prevent our unemployment from increasing beyond 8%, and would help our struggling economy.

Today, we have over 8.5 million Americans who have lost their jobs since the recession started. In California there are 2.2 million Californians who are out of work and in this past year, our state lost 47,000 employers.  The Democrats promises never came true.

What our country and state now has is not more jobs or a growing economy, we have a $1.3 trillion debt that continues to grow every single day.

In our Congressional District 11, which includes the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin and Santa Clara, what we have seen grow are food lines, unemployment, and the loss of homes and businesses.

The current people in Washington, D.C. don’t get it.  That is why I need your support now to retire the current Democrat Congressman Jerry McNerney.  With your help we can put a like minded, small business owner in congress, who understands that if you don’t have the money, you don’t spend it.

Here is how the Democrats have currently spent your hard earned money on this stimulus package:

  • $15,551 to Study Drunk Mice
  • $325,394 to Study “Mating Decisions” of Cactus Bugs
  • $390,000 in Stimulus Money to Study Malt Liquor and Marijuana Consumption
  • $1 Million to Study Ants
  • $3.4 Million for a Turtle Tunnel in Florida
  • $30 Million for a Spring Training Baseball Complex for the Arizona Diamondback and Colorado Rockies

We need to focus on creating jobs, putting people back to work and controlling our spending. It is about priorities.  That this why I need your help to retire Jerry McNerney, so that we can take back our country.

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