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Send a MemoryTag Condolence Card That Really Isn’t

We’ve all heard of the condolence greeting card, this is where someone has suffered a tragedy and you send them a card to express your sympathy.

But a condolence card doesn’t necessarily have to be over something really sad like a death in the family, it can also be for something that is not all that sad, but still shows the recipient of the card that you care and are thinking about them.

For example, what if you unthinkingly ate your roommate’s last piece of cake, you’re just human after all, you were hungry and here in the refrigerator is that gorgeous piece of chocolate cake and there was nothing else left to eat in the refrigerator because you and your roommate never restock the shared food supplies.

She had clearly left a small note on the piece of cake that said, “Jeanne, don’t eat.”

You ate the cake anyway.

What better way to make up than to buy a MemoryTag card for as little as $3 the one that says “I was Hangry, Forgive me.”https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry

You could use the card’s video capability to take your smartphone and record a message of apology, downloading the MemoryTag app and placing the video recording on the small patch on the card. Your roommate uses her smartphone, opens the card and plays back your message.

You could say something like, “All my life I have felt deprived and tried to make up for it with heartless acts of insensitivity. I don’t deserve a friend like you….” Then promise to buy some more cake. Your roommate will forgive you.

Or how about celebrating a friend’s half birthday? Perhaps your friend is getting older and doesn’t like getting old. What better way to celebrate not being that much older than they were on their last birthday than by celebrating a birthday that isn’t…….yet? You were 67 years old on your last birthday, and you could never ever envision being this old before, and you’re going to be 68 in just six months…but you’re not there yet.

That’s good news.

You’re still 67…….and a half. Let’s celebrate. Let’s go out and have a drink.

A MemoryTag card that says, “You’re Old, but I Don’t Carrot All” is the perfect non-birthday pre-birthday card. https://memorytag.cards/collections/birthday. In the video on the card you can give encouragement for example something that says getting older isn’t all bad, for instance, have yourself saying, “Hey, you know what, when you get this age, they stop calling you a stupid (F…ing) idiot and instead call you “Eccentric!”

Do you have someone from your high school class of whom you were once insanely jealous? They were the football hero on the high school football team and won a roomful of trophies and they were practically worshipped as a living god. But then, when they tried to continue the glory after high school, they faded out. They didn’t make it in college football.They didn’t make it to the pros.

Life for this guy stopped at high school. No matter what he did in the years afterward, it could never compare to the glory of high school.

The only photos of friends on his Facebook page are old high school friends (now all of them are grey- haired).

Or maybe it’s that blonde vixen cheerleader who was so gorgeous and who all the guys panted after and you saw her on her Facebook page today—and oh my God! She’s turned into a dumpy little old lady.

Unlike the ex-cheerleader, you haven’t changed much at all.You’re still as ugly as you were in high school.

In other words the high school football star and the cheerleader went from hero to zero in just two months of time (from a senior in high school to starting college).

This is your chance to get even without being cruel. Send one of MemoryTag’s “Sorry” cards for example the one that reads, “Sometimes Sh’t Doesn’t Go as Planned.”https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry.

You don’t have to be specific about what you mean about their fall from the heights of idolatry. It’s just a delicious subtle way (like a whisper in the ear) you can enjoy their being brought down from the heights of glory to having to stumble around in the horse manure like the rest of us.

How about Cynthia, a stuck-up prude, who is often a bitch, and you don’t know why you have her as a female friend? Cynthia is pretentious, arrogant, pompous, she knows she is better educated than you (she can recite all of the English kings), and she often refers to you as a “Tart” (that’s an unkind word for a female).

Her father died in Hawaii and Cynthia went there to attend the funeral and you forgot that was the purpose of the trip thinking it was a vacation and innocently asked her at a party, “How was Hawaii?”

Cynthia flew into a rage.

To make up, send her a MemoryTag card that says, “Sorry for Being Such a Little Sh’t.” https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry.

Send Your Favorite Bachelorette TV Star a MemoryTag Card

Some television shows are so god awful and so preposterous I mean it was only a matter of time when a TV show would reduce romance and marriage into what is virtually a slave auction—-I mean the show the Bachelorette.

The show is trending in the news today and have you seen the show, have you subjected yourself to it? Perhaps if you watch it you should go to a mirror and ask yourself, why am I watching this? Who cares if men finalists Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger and some guy named Peter Kraus compete for the affections of some wanna-be starlet named Rachel Lindsay.

First of all, you can’t be ugly and be on the show. The Bachelorette discriminates against people who are butt ugly and who make up a large share of us all. You also can’t be elderly or openly a pervert.

You have to be a slim earnest looking guy with a beard and usually a short stubble beard these guys apparently think it makes them appear to be rugged, manly.

None of these people on the show have to exhibit talent of any kind other than looking earnest Abasolo, for example, is a chiropractor.

Lindsay herself is not exactly what I would call an intellectual. In telling one of the male contestants why she could not commit to marriage based on the most shallow pretext possible—–exposure on a game show—-she told this guy——-get this—“It’s hard to say goodbye when I have such strong feelings for you (formed no doubt during a total two rehearsals and 45 minutes). “It’s just that I have stronger feelings for the other two guys here.”

Way to go Lindsay, turning the act of romantic love and a life commitment into an impulse similar to choosing a dog at the county animal shelter.

“It’s important to understand that I do love you, it’s just that I’m not in love,” Lindsay added,in a breathtakingly philosophical aside that could lead to a whole new school of moronic sayings for example, “Heaven is far,” or “My belly button is who I am,” or “We are, who we are.”

How profound!

Perhaps Lindsay should stick to more simple thoughts. I have a nose. I have an ear.

Finally Lindsay told the winner (if that’s the appropriate word), “I’m in love with you and I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.”

Oh yes you can Lindsay just give it two years when you get bored because there are no more game shows.

In fact this opens up possibilities for shallow, transitory but perhaps briefly exciting love and picking someone only by visual and the most superficial means. Get a MemoryTag Happy Valentine’s Day Card and send it to a woman you think is hot. Using your smartphone you can download an app and place a video message on the card. In the video promise her everything—-you might be a winner. Or even a Christmas Card, Thank You Card or Birthday Card.

You could even send her a Get Well Card if she isn’t sick,or a Congratulations Card for something she hasn’t done or a Thank You Card even though you don’t know her.

It doesn’t matter. On the card, all you have to do is like on the TV show, be seen and speak.

All you have to do is grow a beard and look eager.

Now, I really understand the premise behind this show. Let me get this straight. A group of contestants are assembled who don’t have the talent to be real actors but who look good. They are paraded before a young woman who selects one of them based on some of the flimsiest questioning about their supposed interests.

The show is called a “Reality Show” but that’s a scam because it’s really a cheap highly profitable show made with no writers or scripts per se so again no need for serious effort. You simply film people saying whatever pops into their head no matter how much drivel it is.

If I filmed myself belching and farting and got you to watch it is that reality? If it makes money for little production cost it is.

I think I understand the premise.

It makes sense to me. Assembling a random group of guys to compete with each other and try to get some woman hot in which courtship and shared values and experiences are totally eliminated—-in place of selecting a mate like you would a side of ham at a butcher shop.

Only in America could such a show take place. Think of the other possibilities. We could have a show in which a young lady chooses a religion based on competing pastors, priests and muezzins (Muslim holy men) representing different religions who attempt to convert the woman to their faith by promising the greatest salvation.

Or how about a tasteless idiot show in which a group of contestants attempt to lie their way into a job promotion at an office, the winner being the most convincing liar?

Whatever happened to The Three Stooges? They were better.

MemoryTag Greeting Cards


California’s #1 Traffic Control Company – City Rise Safety Services

The Best Way To Get Construction Traffic Control In Any City

For any construction safety project, you want to go with the best company available. No matter how good it is a website isn’t going to tell you what you need to know about the people you’re going to be paying to do the job is it? You have to see their face and hear their voice and see if their face matches the description. If you don’t have the time to do that because you have to make a decision soon, then this article will tell you which California traffic solutions company is the best choice. Redding, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento – every major city in California has traffic construction zones all the time – probably even several at once. It’s important to consider which company is actually the best.

Reputability Rating

For any construction traffic management project, you will need the proper road safety equipment.

For any traffic construction projects, big and small alike, it’s best to work with a reputable company that will put the community’s safety first. Oakland, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe. You want to find the company that’s gone above and beyond and over delivered for their customers time and time again. Why would a company not over deliver for its customers? There’s only two reasons: One because it’s a new company and hasn’t developed a system for customer satisfaction yet. The second reason is because the business sucks, they’re too disorganized to deliver consistent, high-quality service every time. Those two reasons can be applied to any industry and hold true. There’s no difference in traffic construction safety control companies. You want to find a company with a lot of experience, who has no shortage of positive consumer reviews.

Size and Control

It’s not always the biggest company, the most expensive, the most experienced, or the lowest price that’s the best in a certain industry. Sometimes it is, but usually, they’ve got a combination of a few key factors.

It’s best to avoid extreme ideologies, so if you go with a company just because it’s the biggest it’s probably a logical fallacy, it’s not good. If you go with whoever’s the cheapest, that might not be a good strategy either, maybe you won’t be getting the best service possible. But you don’t have a lot of time to make a choice so it’s best to go with a combination of a few key factors and within that selection you choose who your gut tells you is passionate and positive and ready for the job.

California’s #1 traffic control company

The best traffic control company who is going to deliver you the best quality traffic solutions is City Rise Safety. Lane closure, traffic safety, safety signs and traffic cones, arrow boards, flaggers, these things are just a few services a company like City Rise Safety provides. These guys are not only super easy to communicate with, they satisfy their customers by over delivering for them on these services. Their construction traffic drawings and planning, traffic management, training, and staff are all top class. A successful business is one that is able to operate at a high level consistently, because of their passion for their community. Think about it, every company is contributing a service to society and to its community. If a company doesn’t care about their community they don’t care about their service and their product. A company’s relationship with its service or product is symbiotic to its relationship with the community.

You can contact a number of companies within 15 minutes on the phone or through their contact form on their website. Another internet ninja hack is to message them on their Facebook page. If they’re worth a damn they’ll respond on Facebook within an hour or three. You can get a good vibe on them from a combination of how they engage with you and what people are saying about them in reviews. Any company that consistently over-delivers for their customers will have plenty of positive feedback.


GOP cooks up new excuse to oppose Susan Rice

GOP cooks up new excuse to oppose Susan Rice


4:33 pm on 11/28/2012
Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, ranking Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee walks to a meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012, for a meeting with UN Ambassador Susan Rice.  (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, ranking Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee walks to a meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012, for a meeting with UN Ambassador Susan Rice. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Sen. Susan Collins has unveiled the latest reason to oppose Susan Rice as Secretary of State. And it makes even less sense than the previous ones.

At a press conference after meeting with Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Collins said Rice’s response to the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya had an “eerie echo” of the bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998, when Rice served as the head of the State Department’s Africa region.

“She had to be aware of the general threat assessment and of the ambassadors’ request for more security,” Collins, a Maine Republican, said of Rice’s role in that incident.

But a far more devastating terrorist attack occurred three years later, when a different Rice, Condoleezza, served as National Security Adviser to President Bush. Indeed, in August 2001, Bush and Condoleezza Rice received a CIA memo headlined: “Bin Laden Determined To Strike In U.S.” If ever a government official “had to be aware of the general threat assessment,” it was Condoleezza Rice then.

Collins didn’t think so, though. It’s easy to  ”go back now and pick out a clue here and a tidbit there … but we have to keep in mind the environment,” Collins said when the memo surfaced in 2004. “We have to keep in mind the volume of reporting that the president and his advisers are dealing with each and every day.”

The following year, Collins voted to confirm Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State, praisingher “professional experience and personal integrity.”

It gets worse. At Wednesday’s press conference, Collins also accused Susan Rice of playing a “political role” by appearing on five Sunday talk shows to talk about the Benghazi attacks. Rice said the attacks were triggered by an anti-Muslim film—an explanation that now appears incomplete, and which Republicans have said renders her unfit for the Secretary of State post.

But Susan Rice is hardly the first top administration official to appear on the Sunday shows during the heat of a presidential campaign and act as a spokesman for the administration.

Guess who said this on ABC’s This Week in 2004: “I think the president did that he always does. He had a chance to show the American people why he’s a strong leader.”

That’s right—it was Condoleezza Rice, praising President Bush’s performance in a recent presidential debate with Sen. John Kerry.

Of course, Susan Rice’s most vocal opponent, Sen. John McCain, has also appeared to use a different standard to judge the two Rices. When Democrats raised concerns about Condoleezza Rice’s role in leading the U.S. into war with Iraq on the basis of flawed intelligence, the Arizona senator accused them of harboring “lingering bitterness at the outcome of the [2004] election.”

Research assistance from Amanda Sakuma

GOP divide over Obama tax plan goes public

GOP divide over Obama tax plan goes public

  • Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will meet with congressional leaders
  • Republican Rep. Tom Cole says the House should pass President Obama’s tax plan
  • Obama is making his case directly to the American people this week
  • Republicans complain Obama refuses to provide a detailed deficit plan

Washington (CNN) — An angry warning by President Barack Obama delivered well over a year ago foreshadowed his campaign-style approach on Wednesday aimed at pressuring Republicans to compromise and reach a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.

In remarks at the White House, Obama urged Americans to call, e-mail and tweet their members of Congress to urge immediate passage of his proposal to extend tax cuts for most Americans while allowing rates on the wealthiest 2% to increase to 1990s levels.

“Let’s begin our work with where we agree,” the president said, noting the Senate has passed the measure and that both parties agree on holding down rates for the majority of taxpayers. “If we can get a few House Republicans to agree as well, I’ll sign this bill as soon as the House sends it my way.”

To applause from the White House audience that included those described by organizers as middle-class Americans, the president held up a pen to demonstrate his willingness to sign the law as soon as it reaches his desk.

Meanwhile, a rift among House Republicans on whether to give Obama what the wants became public Wednesday, with two conservatives saying the tax proposal would likely pass if brought to a vote.

House Speaker John Boehner immediately shot down the call by veteran Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma for the chamber to approve the Senate measure, saying he disagreed with his colleague. House GOP aides insisted there was no plan to bring the proposal up for a vote.

However, the public call by Cole — which echoed similar statements from conservatives in recent weeks — as well as his prediction that the Senate proposal would pass in the House showed an increasing desire among House Republicans to move beyond an issue that has harmed them.

Conservative Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina also said he thought the Obama tax plan would pass the House, though he made clear to CNN he would oppose it.

The political maneuvering comes as Obama and Congress negotiate a possible agreement to avoid tax increases and deep spending cuts set to take effect in five weeks — the fiscal cliff scenario that analysts fear could push the country back into recession.

Obama also wants any deal reached in the current lame-duck session of Congress to include an increase in the federal debt ceiling, which is expected to be needed as soon as February or March.

On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Rob Nabors, Obama’s director of legislative affairs, will meet separately with congressional leaders of both parties, aides said. Geithner is the administration’s point man in the negotiations.

Republican rejection of any kind of increase in taxes has been a major contributor to the inability of Obama and Congress to work out a comprehensive agreement in the past two years to reduce the nation’s chronic federal deficits and debt.

Obama, who demands some increased tax revenue as part of what he calls a balanced approach with spending cuts and entitlement reforms, became so exasperated at one point during the endless budget battles that he decided to take his argument to the American people.

In July 2011, Obama told House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, one of the lead Republican negotiators, that it was time to make a deal or face the consequences.

“Don’t call my bluff,” the president said in ending the White House meeting, according to Cantor. “I’m going to the American people with this.”

Obama subsequently held a series of events around the country, mostly in swing states for the November election, in which he pushed for higher taxes on the wealthy as part of his main campaign theme to restore equal opportunity for the middle class.

Re-elected and facing the same fiscal issues — a seemingly unbridgeable divide with Republicans over taxes and spending — Obama is again taking his case to the people this week.

“The lesson is that when enough people get involved, we have a pretty good track record of making Congress work,” Obama said Wednesday.

Cole and some other conservatives say such pressure is the reason to simply give the president what he wants and move past the immediate tax issue.

“In my view, we all agree that we’re not going raise taxes on people that make less than $250,000,” Cole told reporters Wednesdaywhen asked about recent comments to the House Republican conference first reported by Politico. “We should just take them out of this discussion right now.”

Sounding a lot like Obama, Cole said that “if we can give assurance to most Americans that their taxes are going to be fine, I think that’s helpful to them in planning their lives going forward.”

Fellow Republican Rep. Raul Labrador of Idaho disagreed with Cole, but also said letting Democrats pass a tax increase would saddle them with resulting economic stagnation.

“I think right now my advice to the leadership is that they should let the Democrats pass a tax increase because we will see that the economy will stall because of that tax increase, and then they will own it completely,” Labrador said, despite his personal opposition to such a measure.

He and other Republicans complained that Obama and Democrats had yet to propose any serious proposals to also cut spending and reform entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid as part of a broad deficit reduction deal.

“I think we’re making a mistake that we’re running around trying to think of ways to deal with the president when the president doesn’t want to deal in good faith,” Labrador said.

What is ‘Fix the Debt?’

Obama argued Wednesday that settling the tax question for middle-class families would clear the way for the broader agreement everyone wants.

“We can do it in a balanced a fair way, but our first job is to make sure that taxes on middle-class families don’t go up,” Obama said. “And since we all theoretically agree on that, we should get that done. If we get that done, a lot of the other stuff is going to be a lot easier.”

Obama wants to let tax rates for income over $250,000 for families or $200,000 for individuals return to higher 1990s levels, while maintaining current rates for the rest of the country.

While Cole and other Republicans now say to let that happen, Boehner made clear Wednesday he wanted to keep his strongest bargaining chip.

“I told Tom earlier in our conference meeting that I disagreed with him,” Boehner said of Cole, who he described as a “wonderful friend” and strong supporter. “The goal here is to grow the economy and control spending. You’re not going to grow the economy if you raise taxes.”

At the same time, Boehner reiterated his willingness to include increased tax revenue, as long as it doesn’t come from higher rates and is part of a deal that includes spending cuts and entitlement reforms.

Later Wednesday, Obama met with chief executives of major corporations.

Congressional Republicans and Democrats talked separately with deficit-reduction gurus, including former White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, who co-chaired a special panel appointed by Obama in 2010 to study the matter.

“We are going to have to have real compromise. Nobody can be an absolutist, nobody can win everything,” Bowles told reporters after his meetings.

One fiscal cliff fix — raise gas tax

Meetings and events on both sides showed the high-profile tactics being used to demonstrate to the nation, including financial markets, that a deal can happen

Stocks opened lower Wednesday as investors grew increasingly concerned about whether Congress can adequately and swiftly address the situation. By the end of the day, after reports of Cole’s remarks and other developments, stocks recovered to post a solid gain.

With the U.S. economy showing more signs of improvement in its long recovery from recession, economists point to fears about higher taxes in 2013 as a potential threat to rising consumer confidence.

The fiscal cliff resulted from a failure to reach a deficit reduction agreement in the past two years due to longstanding differences between Democrats and Republicans on taxes — particularly whether to extend tax cuts from President George W. Bush’s administration.

Opinion: How U.S. can once again define the future

Obama made the issue a central theme of his election campaign, and now the White House believes the president’s re-election validated his call for including more tax revenue in addressing the nation’s chronic federal deficits and debt.

Last week, Obama’s former campaign manager, Jim Messina, said the president’s re-election campaign and its grass-roots resources will “live on,” most likely as a tool to promote the president’s second-term policies.

Republicans seeking to shrink the size of government oppose increasing any tax rates, arguing that Obama’s plan would hinder job growth because some small business owners who file personal returns would pay higher taxes under it.

While aides on both sides have been talking, no follow-up meeting between Obama and congressional leaders has been scheduled after their initial post-election discussion on November 16.

Time running out on debt ceiling

Instead, Obama met Tuesday with small business owners to launch his week of campaign-style events.

Andra Rush, who founded Rush Trucking of Wayne, Michigan, said her message to Obama was that failure to extend the tax cuts to the middle class could stall what she called new economic momentum in the country.

“I would have higher tax rates,” Rush conceded, adding that it was more important for “ordinary Americans” to have more money to spend instead of paying it in taxes if everyone’s rates go up.

Boehner and other influential GOP figures have declared their willingness to consider other ways to boost tax revenue as part of a broader deal that includes entitlement reforms and spending cuts.

That position undermines the no-tax-increase pledge championed by anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist, which Democrats consider to be a major impediment to a deficit reduction deal.

House Republicans launch PR offensive on fiscal cliff

Republicans insist Democrats must agree to cut discretionary spending and make significant reforms to Medicare and Social Security as part of a deficit reduction deal.

However, organized labor and other elements of the Democratic base oppose any major reforms to the popular entitlement programs. While some Democratic legislators express willingness to reform Medicare and Medicaid, they reject making Social Security reform part of the fiscal cliff negotiations, saying it is self-funded and therefore doesn’t add to the deficit.

A CNN/ORC International poll released Monday also showed that a solid majority of respondents — two thirds — supports the Democratic stance that any agreement should include a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. Of that total, Republicans favor such an approach by 52%-44%.

Opinion: Don’t be afraid of Grover Norquist

Another poll on Wednesday by ABC News and the Washington Post showed a strong majority favoring the Obama tax proposal to raise tax rates on the wealthy. In addition, the survey indicated most Americans oppose raising the eligibility age of Medicare, one of the possible reforms proposed by some in the deficit debate.

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Fiscal Cliff Isn`t The Problem, The Debt Is

Fiscal Cliff Isn`t The Problem, The Debt Is

Peter Schiff`s comments on the economy, stock markets, politics and gold. Schiff is the renowned writer of the bestseller Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse.

What should we expect of Obama’s second term?

What should we expect of Obama’s second term?