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Give a Black Sheep a MemoryTag Greeting Card

Are you the black sheep of your family? Do you know someone else who is the black sheep of their family?

You know what I mean? A person who is ostracized by other members of their family because they are different, or a person who other members of their family put-down so the other members can feel superior; every dysfunctional family needs a “black sheep.”

If you know a black sheep send that person a MemoryTag Greeting Card that praises them for being a black sheep of a family.

First of all, a black sheep has to be different. That’s rule number one. What’s wrong with being different? What kind of world do you suppose it would be if everyone was exactly the same? Who would want that? https://memorytag.cards/collections/daily-douche.

How do you know if you or a person you know is a black sheep?

You have a girl friend who is more than a friend. You love this girl with all your heart. You can’t stand to be apart from her. She’s all you think about.

You’re seated at the dinner table with your parents. They have previously met your girlfriend. You break the news to them you are going to marry this girl. Your mother, whom for some perverted, idiotic, naïve stupid reason you thought was a reasonable person, without looking up from the strawberry shortcake she is eating says coldly matter-of-factly:

“She isn’t what we hoped for.”

That’s a good sign you are a black sheep.

She isn’t what we hoped for? You’re crushed, you feel like you’ve been kicked in the stomach. Like a good boy you say nothing you take it you eat it (the put-down not the strawberry shortcake). You say nothing, but you think to yourself, what you hoped for? Whose life is this anyway?

Oh I get it, I was just put here on this earth to please you. You know what, you dysfunctional harpy (Mom), you old bat, I’m gonna marry her anyway just so it causes you grief yeah I’m gonna marry her whether you like it or not.

You think this. You don’t tell your mother this. But you angrily shovel strawberry shortcake in your mouth and look at her (she remains looking down at her cake after breaking your heart and shattering your allusions about your parents)…you look at her and think…..I’d like to shove your face into that cake.

You’re a black sheep.

Someone should send you a MemoryTag card congratulating you on being a black sheep. First of all, if you know someone who is a black sheep, tell that person how valuable they are. If they weren’t a black sheep of their family, how would other members of the family feel superior?

Here’s another possibility, you have a secret to tell your parents and you’re afraid to, about your desperate need to pursue an “alternate lifestyle.” Now remember the old saying “Variety is the spice of life.”

If we didn’t have differences and different tastes and viewpoints the world would be a bleak colorless place.

You’ve been waiting for this time to tell your parents because you respect and love them and it’s so important for you to tell them rather than keeping it a secret or living a lie lying to them by trying to act some phony act that you’re a different person than you really are.

You say, “Mom and Dad, I have something I need to tell you.”

They’re eating their strawberry shortcake and don’t look up as if they haven’t heard what you just said (in fact if the grim truth be known they rarely listen to anything you say).

“I have decided to become a (alternate sexual lifestyle).”

They don’t hear it and Dad launches into a war story….”You know back when I’z in the war we didn’t have…..” He pauses after a minute and looks at you…….”A what?”

You try to explain, but Dad doesn’t understand, Dad doesn’t want to understand. He stops eating his strawberry shortcake and stands. He throws his cloth napkin down. His face turns red like the strawberries. Like he’s going to have a heart attack (he was drinking alcohol just before).

“How can you say that?” he bellows

“No wait!” you plead.

“How can you say that?”

“It’s easy.”

“What?” he roars

“It’s easy.”

“How can you say that?”

“It’s easy.”


“I told you it’s easy.”


“No, it’s not easy.” You begin to cave-in to peer pressure.

“How can you say that?”

“Please!” you beg.

“Don’t tell me you’re one of them.”

Who are “them” you think?

Dad paces up and down, he storms, he rages, he’s so angry he stomps off out of the room. You feel guilty, destroyed. You should have become a pro football player like Dad wanted. You look at your mother. She is (head down) eating her strawberry shortcake.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry I made Dad mad.” You’re on the verge of tears. You seek refuge with Mom, some solace, some recognition of your heartbreak. Nice try.

Mom says coldly without looking at you but down at her cake…..”You’ve changed.”

Meaning you’re a bad person, and you didn’t used to be a bad person, even though you know you’ve been the same person since you were eight years old.

You’re too shocked, too hurt, too devastated now, but later you will think……..Thank you (parents) for love that is highly conditional, shallow and based mostly on convenience…yours…..contemptuous love.

As long as people are decent and different, differences don’t make any difference. If you know a family black sheep send them a card to make them feel special. https://memorytag.cards/collections/encouragement.

Get Well Cards


Greeting cards are a tool for sending goodwill messages to family and friends both far and near. This human behavior can be traced back to the earliest of ages, as far back as the old ass days. From the ancient Chinese who exchanged messages of good will to celebrate the New Year to the early Egyptians who conveyed their greetings on papyrus scrolls, gave birth to the use and exchange of cards as greetings. Now they’re everywhere. You can’t go to a gas station without seeing a little rack of them staring you in the face.

Greeting cards can basically be categorized by their purpose and types of the event involved; they come in different shape and forms of designs.

Types of Greeting Cards

There are seasonal greeting cards, occasional cards, and everyday cards.


  • Birthday Cards
  • Anniversary Cards
  • Get Well Cards
  • Friendship Cards
  • Sympathy cards
  • Anytime cards

When you’re giving someone a get well soon or recovery message, there are several ways to do it. You can send them a post in the mail, SMS text message them, phone call them, or send them a get well card.  Get well cards are probably the most sentimental way to show the receiver their significance in your eyes.

GET WELL CARDS  are greeting cards that are sent to a person who is unwellx for any reason. The card you give them can express a wish for a speedy recovery.or tell them that you wish you could be around to help them more personally. They are cards that you give or send to someone who is ill, to say that you hope they are well again soon.

In buying or sending a get well card, you are gifting them with significance. That could mean the world to someone recovering from an illness, who is probably in social isolation for the most of their days. Whether you know the person well or they are just an acquaintance, deciding on an appropriate gift or card is important. Considering the severity of the person’s illness, your relationship to the person, or how often you see them, you should give them a card that says how you feel and makes them feel loved and connected with you. Delivering them a get-well card or gift is an all important step in making a sick person’s recovery a bit better.

Get well cards make people feel better emotionally, mentally, and probably even physically in some metaphysical way. You’re adding joy and warmth to their lives as they open the card, as they read the card, and as they think about how sweet and awesome you are for sending them the card. This will promote their recovery within themselves. The get well card may say something like ‘hoping for a fast recovery’ or ‘missing you’ or if you’re a religious person ‘praying for you and a speedy recovery!’

Handmade cards are a sentimental option, or you can choose a premade greeting card. Memorytag greeting cards allows you to record a video message and attach it to the inside of the card via smart-sticker technology so the recipient can play it back on their smartphone and watch your message wishing them well.

These are just a few of the benefits of giving someone you care about a get well card. You are making them happy, enriching their lives in their time of need. This is super important, brightening their day in a way that boosts their mood, increases their feeling of significance, and promotes their desire to return to their social life, which may aid in their natural recovery.

When the Heart smiles; the Body is well!


MemoryTag Greeting Cards

Send a MemoryTag Condolence Card That Really Isn’t

We’ve all heard of the condolence greeting card, this is where someone has suffered a tragedy and you send them a card to express your sympathy.

But a condolence card doesn’t necessarily have to be over something really sad like a death in the family, it can also be for something that is not all that sad, but still shows the recipient of the card that you care and are thinking about them.

For example, what if you unthinkingly ate your roommate’s last piece of cake, you’re just human after all, you were hungry and here in the refrigerator is that gorgeous piece of chocolate cake and there was nothing else left to eat in the refrigerator because you and your roommate never restock the shared food supplies.

She had clearly left a small note on the piece of cake that said, “Jeanne, don’t eat.”

You ate the cake anyway.

What better way to make up than to buy a MemoryTag card for as little as $3 the one that says “I was Hangry, Forgive me.”https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry

You could use the card’s video capability to take your smartphone and record a message of apology, downloading the MemoryTag app and placing the video recording on the small patch on the card. Your roommate uses her smartphone, opens the card and plays back your message.

You could say something like, “All my life I have felt deprived and tried to make up for it with heartless acts of insensitivity. I don’t deserve a friend like you….” Then promise to buy some more cake. Your roommate will forgive you.

Or how about celebrating a friend’s half birthday? Perhaps your friend is getting older and doesn’t like getting old. What better way to celebrate not being that much older than they were on their last birthday than by celebrating a birthday that isn’t…….yet? You were 67 years old on your last birthday, and you could never ever envision being this old before, and you’re going to be 68 in just six months…but you’re not there yet.

That’s good news.

You’re still 67…….and a half. Let’s celebrate. Let’s go out and have a drink.

A MemoryTag card that says, “You’re Old, but I Don’t Carrot All” is the perfect non-birthday pre-birthday card. https://memorytag.cards/collections/birthday. In the video on the card you can give encouragement for example something that says getting older isn’t all bad, for instance, have yourself saying, “Hey, you know what, when you get this age, they stop calling you a stupid (F…ing) idiot and instead call you “Eccentric!”

Do you have someone from your high school class of whom you were once insanely jealous? They were the football hero on the high school football team and won a roomful of trophies and they were practically worshipped as a living god. But then, when they tried to continue the glory after high school, they faded out. They didn’t make it in college football.They didn’t make it to the pros.

Life for this guy stopped at high school. No matter what he did in the years afterward, it could never compare to the glory of high school.

The only photos of friends on his Facebook page are old high school friends (now all of them are grey- haired).

Or maybe it’s that blonde vixen cheerleader who was so gorgeous and who all the guys panted after and you saw her on her Facebook page today—and oh my God! She’s turned into a dumpy little old lady.

Unlike the ex-cheerleader, you haven’t changed much at all.You’re still as ugly as you were in high school.

In other words the high school football star and the cheerleader went from hero to zero in just two months of time (from a senior in high school to starting college).

This is your chance to get even without being cruel. Send one of MemoryTag’s “Sorry” cards for example the one that reads, “Sometimes Sh’t Doesn’t Go as Planned.”https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry.

You don’t have to be specific about what you mean about their fall from the heights of idolatry. It’s just a delicious subtle way (like a whisper in the ear) you can enjoy their being brought down from the heights of glory to having to stumble around in the horse manure like the rest of us.

How about Cynthia, a stuck-up prude, who is often a bitch, and you don’t know why you have her as a female friend? Cynthia is pretentious, arrogant, pompous, she knows she is better educated than you (she can recite all of the English kings), and she often refers to you as a “Tart” (that’s an unkind word for a female).

Her father died in Hawaii and Cynthia went there to attend the funeral and you forgot that was the purpose of the trip thinking it was a vacation and innocently asked her at a party, “How was Hawaii?”

Cynthia flew into a rage.

To make up, send her a MemoryTag card that says, “Sorry for Being Such a Little Sh’t.” https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry.

Know a New Baby, Send a Memorytag Card

Do you know someone who just had a new baby?

What better way to honor the event than by sending a MemoryTag card and leaving a video message on it congratulating the lucky parents, and also perhaps warning them what they’ve let themselves in for. https://memorytag.cards/collections/baby

First of all, the joy, the sheer joy of bringing into the world a new person, and all the future promise they represent, a form of immortality really if you’re the parent, a little person who is partly you, carries your DNA and looks somewhat like you.

Hopefully, not completely like you in appearance that’s if you’re ugly.

Don’t worry about it.

If you’re the father, this all happened because your little juice pollywog swam upstream and hit ground zero—-the grand circle of life, the egg in the womb. There to ferment and fester and then POP! Out comes junior. You’re proud, you’re happy, you’re thrilled.

Now let’s talk about the bills.

This is just the beginning. When your meager income begins to takes hits—from the purchase of diapers, and little bottles of green gooey slimy food that looks like the stuff you deposited in the urinal of a Mexican hotel when you ate rancid squid and got Montezuma’s revenge.

It all adds up. A card that reads “Oh Sh’t You’re a Dad” might be appropriate. https://memorytag.cards/collections/baby/products/oh-sh-t-you-re-a-dad

Now you’re a parent, a role for which you’ve had no training, no instructional class in how to, no preparation, kind of like being the president, and since the person you brought into the world will immediately depend on you to become a well-balanced and successful person—it’s comforting to know that you as the parent have all these insecurities and paranoiac tendencies, including stupidity, greed, avarice—-which you can now unwittingly pass on to your own offspring.

Don’t let this make you nervous, but the character for good or bad for life is formed by your child when they reach the age of six months old. After that, it’s too late to change them. That’s called “Imprinting” or in other words, if you’re a coward or a bank robber—-if you don’t teach them not to be, at six months it’s too late, that’s what they become.

Don’t let that worry you.

There are other joys too, incessant crying and waking you up in the middle of the night to perform feedings either bottle or the Big B au natural breast.https://memorytag.cards/collections/baby/products/waaahhh

The bills just keep going up for clothes and toys and other stuff but don’t worry you’ve got more income now right? Double what you were making before? Having a new baby is also a tax write-off.https://memorytag.cards/collections/baby/products/added-a-dependent-to-your-tax-form

Soon your little bundle of joy will be a precocious pudgy three-year-old and see an expensive children’s toy advertised on TV and point a pudgy finger on the TV screen and say, “I want that.” You’ll have to buy it.

At Christmas time, you’ll bankrupt yourself buying presents and let me tell you I’ve had personal experience with this. You child will get so worked up about the presents, tear them all open, and then because there are no more because the excitement is over, they run off to the back room crying.You’ll look at your wife.

It just gets better.

For example, my daughter and I have your average father-teenage-daughter relationship—she has total disdain for me. She never listens to any advice I give her. She takes the car and drives and I have to worry about her smashing into someone and the insurance on the car and the liability for it is mine if she gets in an accident and ….

Oh, wait! I’m getting ahead, aren’t I? That’s all in the future.We were talking about the happiness of having your new baby.

Don’t let any of the above worry you.

That’s just a part of life.

If you know someone who has had a new addition to their family send them a MemoryTag card to congratulate them. The video messaging app capability of the card allows you to use your smartphone to record a video message and place it on the card in addition to the printed greeting. The recipient gets the card, downloads the app and using their smartphone plays back your message. https://memorytag.cards/collections/baby/products/holy-crap-you-re-having-a-baby

Parenthood does have its challenges, but the warm smile and love you get from your baby makes life sweet.

Given the choice, despite its worries and headaches, I would never miss being a parent. https://memorytag.cards/collections/best-sellers/products/happy-escape-the-womb-day

Send that special person you know who just had a new arrival your happiness for them.


MemoryTag Greeting Cards

Road Construction Services

When roadways need repair, it takes more than just a crew to fix the issue. A team of professionals are required maintain the safety of the crew along with those driving on the road. You see them every day, but may not know all the tasks they are required to perform so that everyone remains informed and safe when roads are repaired, repainted, or expanded.

The services for keeping construction crews and passing motorists safe are often performed by independent companies that are contracted to ensure that the area being addressed remains safe for those doing the work while allowing traffic to still pass. It is important for city planners to consider hiring the services of companies dedicated to protecting road crews so the work can be performed efficiently by using cost-effective means.

What are Road Construction Services?

When you are driving along a road and see warning signs, safety cones, barricades, and workers who are flagging and directing traffic, that is an example of the services needed when roads are being repaired.


Everything starts with the proper planning so that your road crews can do the work as efficiently as possible while being protected. This means identifying the area where the work will take place, creating a plan to warn oncoming drivers of their presence, and set up effective traffic control so that vehicles and road crews are separated properly.

Traffic Control:

Repairs require the presence of trucks, equipment, supplies, and workers who may be in danger from oncoming traffic unless there are proper controls set in place. This may only require the presence of signs or more extensive controls such as barricades, boards, and workers who flag and stop traffic when necessary so that trucks can pass or when one side of the road is being addressed, so the other side is used to pass traffic.


We offer a wide range of signs, barricades, boards, towers, and other safety equipment designed to protect those who work along the roadways. For example, if your city or town is planning on mowing alongside a highway, we have the proper traffic signs, cones, and boards needed to inform drivers of their presence which you can rent at low, affordable rates.

In addition, the best construction safety companies will go above and beyond to protect the site. This is why City Rise Safety Services has proven to be one of the best in California.

Why Choose City Rise Safety Services?

When it comes to creating an engineered traffic control plan to ensure the safety of repair crews and those driving on the road, no company in California can match City Rise Safety Services. We provide the best combination of knowledge, experience, highway safety services, and rentals for your needs when repairing, repainting, or expanding roadways.

Over the years, City Rise Safety Services has served the citizens of California by providing the best in highway safety planning, control, rentals, and services that are designed to create a safe environment for road crews and drivers passing by. If your town or city is planning work on a roadway, call City Rise Safety Services today so your crews are properly protected so they can do their jobs.

Send Your Favorite Bachelorette TV Star a MemoryTag Card

Some television shows are so god awful and so preposterous I mean it was only a matter of time when a TV show would reduce romance and marriage into what is virtually a slave auction—-I mean the show the Bachelorette.

The show is trending in the news today and have you seen the show, have you subjected yourself to it? Perhaps if you watch it you should go to a mirror and ask yourself, why am I watching this? Who cares if men finalists Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger and some guy named Peter Kraus compete for the affections of some wanna-be starlet named Rachel Lindsay.

First of all, you can’t be ugly and be on the show. The Bachelorette discriminates against people who are butt ugly and who make up a large share of us all. You also can’t be elderly or openly a pervert.

You have to be a slim earnest looking guy with a beard and usually a short stubble beard these guys apparently think it makes them appear to be rugged, manly.

None of these people on the show have to exhibit talent of any kind other than looking earnest Abasolo, for example, is a chiropractor.

Lindsay herself is not exactly what I would call an intellectual. In telling one of the male contestants why she could not commit to marriage based on the most shallow pretext possible—–exposure on a game show—-she told this guy——-get this—“It’s hard to say goodbye when I have such strong feelings for you (formed no doubt during a total two rehearsals and 45 minutes). “It’s just that I have stronger feelings for the other two guys here.”

Way to go Lindsay, turning the act of romantic love and a life commitment into an impulse similar to choosing a dog at the county animal shelter.

“It’s important to understand that I do love you, it’s just that I’m not in love,” Lindsay added,in a breathtakingly philosophical aside that could lead to a whole new school of moronic sayings for example, “Heaven is far,” or “My belly button is who I am,” or “We are, who we are.”

How profound!

Perhaps Lindsay should stick to more simple thoughts. I have a nose. I have an ear.

Finally Lindsay told the winner (if that’s the appropriate word), “I’m in love with you and I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.”

Oh yes you can Lindsay just give it two years when you get bored because there are no more game shows.

In fact this opens up possibilities for shallow, transitory but perhaps briefly exciting love and picking someone only by visual and the most superficial means. Get a MemoryTag Happy Valentine’s Day Card and send it to a woman you think is hot. Using your smartphone you can download an app and place a video message on the card. In the video promise her everything—-you might be a winner. Or even a Christmas Card, Thank You Card or Birthday Card.

You could even send her a Get Well Card if she isn’t sick,or a Congratulations Card for something she hasn’t done or a Thank You Card even though you don’t know her.

It doesn’t matter. On the card, all you have to do is like on the TV show, be seen and speak.

All you have to do is grow a beard and look eager.

Now, I really understand the premise behind this show. Let me get this straight. A group of contestants are assembled who don’t have the talent to be real actors but who look good. They are paraded before a young woman who selects one of them based on some of the flimsiest questioning about their supposed interests.

The show is called a “Reality Show” but that’s a scam because it’s really a cheap highly profitable show made with no writers or scripts per se so again no need for serious effort. You simply film people saying whatever pops into their head no matter how much drivel it is.

If I filmed myself belching and farting and got you to watch it is that reality? If it makes money for little production cost it is.

I think I understand the premise.

It makes sense to me. Assembling a random group of guys to compete with each other and try to get some woman hot in which courtship and shared values and experiences are totally eliminated—-in place of selecting a mate like you would a side of ham at a butcher shop.

Only in America could such a show take place. Think of the other possibilities. We could have a show in which a young lady chooses a religion based on competing pastors, priests and muezzins (Muslim holy men) representing different religions who attempt to convert the woman to their faith by promising the greatest salvation.

Or how about a tasteless idiot show in which a group of contestants attempt to lie their way into a job promotion at an office, the winner being the most convincing liar?

Whatever happened to The Three Stooges? They were better.

MemoryTag Greeting Cards


How Hard Is It To Get A Traffic Control Plan?

Whether you work for a city or are in need of a traffic control plan for an upcoming project, you know that the hoops that you have to jump through in order to get your plan off the ground are endless.  Did you know that there is an easier way?  Many people these days are turning to private traffic control planners for projects as big as a sidewalk overall to smaller projects that just require a traffic flagger.  Having other options is not only a great way to save money, but also allows you take to control of your newest undertaking from start to finish.

What is a traffic control plan?

A traffic control plan is a special permit that is needed for any type of work that would disturb local traffic patterns.  This means that is you have a project coming up that would interfere with not only street traffic but also pedestrian and bike traffic, you will need a traffic plan.  This also depends on what city you live in because each district has its own set of rules and guidelines that you will have to follow.

While most of the time you will see a traffic control plan being used where there is major construction or road work, there are many smaller projects that will still require you to follow the same process as some of the bigger jobs.  This may seem like too much work for smaller projects, but these guidelines are there for a reason.  The biggest reason is that the safety of drivers and pedestrians needs to be ensured properly.  This means that anything from traffic cones to flagging can only be used with a proper permit.

What are your options?

While there are government and state companies that can certainly handle the job, there are some private contractors that offer the same services at a fraction of the cost.  If you live in California and have a project coming up, you should consider looking into City Rise Safety Services for your traffic control plans.  The best thing about City Rise is that there is no job too big or too small for them to handle and getting a quote and timeline for their services is really easy with their simple to follow webpage.

Not only can City Rise draft a great traffic plan for you, like a construction traffic plan, they can also rent traffic control equipment.  Equipment like traffic regulation signs, traffic cones, arrow boards and flagging equipment which all can help to ensure that traffic safety is a main priority which will help your project get done the right way.  To get started with a private contractor like City Rise all you need to do is visit https://cityrisesafety.com/ to see your options and get a quote.

Stay safe and legal!

There is no construction plan that you can’t overcome when you have the right tools and guidance at your fingertips.  It is important to remember that before starting any project that would change or regulate the way that traffic moves, you always first have to get a proper traffic control plan so that not only are you keeping the streets safe but you are protection yourself.  Luckily for you, you now have options.

Whether you need something as simple as a flagger to help direct traffic or traffic cones to block off construction, you are covered.  Even bigger projects like the ones that would require a traffic plan that shifts traffic to a one lane road with the use of temporary traffic lights are easier to obtain than you may think.  With a little bit of planning and some serious help from traffic safety professionals like City Rise, there is no project that you can’t successfully complete.  Good luck.