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Go BK!?!

By Brett Arends, MarketWatch

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — You want to fix this economic crisis? You want to put people back to work? You want to light a fire under the economy?

There’s a way to do it. Fast. And relatively simple.

But you’re not going to like it. You’re not going to like it at all.

Default. A national Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The fastest way to fix this mess is to see tens of millions of homeowners default on their mortgages and other debts, and millions more file for bankruptcy.

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Roy Smith: Break up the banks, even Goldman

Fears of recession, tough trading conditions, an ocean of unresolved litigation and the worsening euro-zone mess have delivered a real pounding to bank stocks this summer. Former Goldman Sachs partner Roy Smith joins Mean Street to offer a solution: Break up the banks.

I told you that you wouldn’t like it.

I don’t like it much either. It sticks in the craw that people got to borrow all that money and won’t have to pay it back.

But you know what? The time to stop that was five or 10 years ago, when the money was being lent.

It’s gone.

And mass Chapter 11 is, by far, the least obnoxious solution to our problems.

That’s because the real cause of our economic slump isn’t too much government or too little government. It isn’t red tape, high taxes, low taxes, the growing divide between the rich and the poor, [read more]

What about America?

Hey all, I was reading Phil’s article and yes democrats are on the way out, for the most part,  this election. But rather than just simply replacing a Republican for a Democrat or Democrat for a Republican as I have often said, we should hold them all equally accountable.

So many times we get fed up with one party and replace them with another, this needs to stop. We deserve better. We need to get to the root of the problem and fix it there. There has to be an individual accountability.

I won’t lie to you, I am a bit frightened about the whole democratic process ( we currently have a Republic but people still call it a Democratic process) I was looking at the numbers and saw that less than 10% in a lot of instances came out to vote in the primaries. This has me very worried.

We all have a huge stake in our Country and deserve what our Founding Fathers and our families fought so hard to give us. Why is it so many of us would rather watch our favorite sitcom than catch up on the current events or vote for our freedoms?

Why is it so many of us will never miss an American Idol episode and yet despise and cast out a televised political debate? We need political education people. We are fading away. Taxes are consuming us, political figures are betraying us, our freedoms are disappearing, our bankers are making their own rules that we have to pay for, it’s [read more]

I guess anyone can run?

Nice little Article From Fox:
Greene’s South Carolina Primary Win Defies Odds, Leaves Democrats Perplexed

By Cristina Corbin

Published June 10, 2010

| FOXNews.com

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South Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Alvin Greene poses for a photo in Manning, S.C., June 9. (AP Photo)


Alvin Greene is the proverbial enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by mystery.

He’s also the new Democratic candidate for Senate in South Carolina.

Greene admits he had no campaign headquarters, no party support, no contributions, no job, no computer and no cell phone.

Yet, somehow, he managed to pull off the most unlikely of victories, and — unless state Democratic Party officials have their way — will face incumbent Republican Sen. Jim DeMint in November.

Greene’s improbable victory over Democratic candidate Vic Rawl, a former state legislator who officials expected would win, has unleashed a flood of questions, including how the unemployed Army veteran managed to pay $10,400 to get on the ballot before running a “low budget” campaign with no ads, website or fundraising.

Voters also are wondering how the 32-year-old Greene, facing a felony charge for allegedly showing pornographic images to a college student last October, managed to capture 59 percent of the primary vote.

In an interview Thursday with FoxNews.com, Greene said he won by “simple, old-fashioned campaigning” that included traveling the state and speaking to voters “wherever I could find them.”

Greene said his “self-managed” campaign was personally funded and cost well under $2,000. He said he held no “formal events” [read more]


YEP! You read it right. David Harmer wins the primary. It was no small feat let me tell you. I can’t even tell you how many hours I and my people put in. David had some very formidable competition that hung in there fighting for our votes tooth and nail. It was truly a cage fight. I hope the other candidates will now rally behind David so we can remove McNerney from office and get us some real representation?

I would also like to Congratulate Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Ken Vogel, Steve Moore, Tom and Bill Berryhill, Abram Wilson, Abel Maldanado, Jim Willet, Susan Eggman and Jack Sieglock just to name a few. Some may have been unopposed, but still quite the accomplishment none the less.

It’s great to see the people come out and tell Uncle Sam what they think. We should cherish these days. The incumbents however, should fear them if they haven’t been looking out for us.

Thank you all for supporting your candidates and showing up to vote. Now please rally behind the primary winners so we can win in November. Especially rally behind David Harmer so  we can get our district back. Please go to www.HarmerforCongress.com and see how you can help.

GOD bless you all and GOD [read more]

It’s time!

I can almost hear Bruce Buffer with his very unique and distinct voice starting his war cry with those two famous words, “it’s time!” Or even his brother Michael with his “let’s get ready to rumble” cry.

Well in fact,  yes it is, in less than 24 hours we will witness what America thinks about our elected officials and officials to be. In some cases the election will be over, in others it just opens the door for the November general election.

Regardless it’s our responsibility and duty as free men and women to exercise one of our most sacred rights. I mailed mine in a while back and feel confident in my choices. What about you? Have you mailed yours in or will you hit the polls tomorrow? You will vote won’t you? Because remember, we all get the government we deserve. If you stand off to the sidelines and do nothing that’s what you better expect in return.

If you vote for bigger government and more taxes, guess what? You might just get it. Be careful what you vote for. Things that say less government less taxes may actually be just the opposite we need to do our due diligence. And I mean quickly!

Remember there are three types of people in this world: those that stand by and watch things happen, those who make things happen and those who wonder what the hell just happened! By voting for the wrong person or worse yet, not voting at all, you might very well be the person [read more]

6 Days Away!

The election is but 6 days away! As the date closes in you can almost touch, smell and taste the anticipation and excitement in the air. We the voters will decide our representatives. We the voters will  tell ole Uncle Sam what we think. We must choose our candidates not so much on their words but their actions.

We need to carefully choose our candidates so we don’t end up right back where we are now. Take for instance David Harmer, whom I support, he has stayed true this whole time to his values and principals,  and he hasn’t attacked the other candidates even though he has been viciously attacked by some of them. He knows removing McNerney is the goal, not hurting his fellow Republicans.

What I would like to see is an awakening. I would like to see the voters realize that when we get tired or angry with  Republicans we vote in Democrats when we get tired or angry with Democrats we vote in Republicans. I say this has to stop. Their has to be an individual accountability. Our elected officials must be held to their promises regardless of party.

If they lie or break their promises, we hold them individually accountable and vote them out. We need our Representatives at every level looking out for our best interests. Our Representatives need to remember they work for us, not us for them, they are not better than us for there would be no them without us.

In closing all I can say is please choose carefully. Your vote [read more]

US Foots Big Chunk Of EU Bailout

Breaking the backs of sovereign countries

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the strongarm of international loan sharking, under the guise of the UN. Its country members must contribute funds to a pool of money that is used to lend countries all over the globe.

Did you know the US is a major stakeholder? In fact it’s the THE largest stakeholder of any country but we really shouldn’t use investor terminology because unlike owning stock and seeing the potential of a return on your investment in the form of share prices rising or dividends being distributed, not such payoff exists for being a ‘stakeholder’ of this global institution. If you were under the misguided impression that the IMF helps third world countries grow, develop and avoid tough financial trouble, you’ve been listening to the controlled mainstream news too long. The IMF creates a dependency on world regulatory bodies with draconian regulations and strings attached to its loans, that are never able to be paid back, thus sending debtor nations into bondage.

And perhaps the term ‘institution’ is even misleading. Lets call a spade a spade. The IMF is a private corporation. A corporation that the United States is a 17.5% stakeholder in. That means every bailout hits the US taxpayer just like domestic spending would. The Federal Reserve also throws in its own money on top of the public money, inflating the money supply further.

So when you read about the EU being bailed out, and isn’t it great that disaster [read more]