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Welcome to RobertBeadles.org - the website that gives you, the people, an independent political voice. Following Robert's withdrawal from the CD-11 campaign in California, we received a lot of requests for help in getting the voice of the people heard. So, we're turning this site over to you, the citizen journalist.

Just click the button above to join and speak your mind on any subject on the political radar... political candidates & representatives, policy, rights and liberties, the United States Constitution & Bill Of Rights, family values, healthcare, corruption, banking, government accountability, military... whatever you wish.

We ask that all citizen journalists agree to our terms and refrain from using profanity or hate speech. This site is moderated and each view or opinion expressed here is that of the author and not of this website's owner or staff. Personal responsibility is one of the principals on which our great country was founded, and so it is with this website. The bullhorn is yours - have your say now.

Terms Of Use

Free Voice :: Citizen Journalism is the web property of Robert Beadles and is hosted on RobertBeadles.org (the ‘Service’). Robert Beadles, his companies, his staff and any and all third parties who perform work on this website or services whose content is a derivation of the Service are not responsible for the content posted by users, including:
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While we do review and attempt to moderate the site as best as possible, some content may offend and we make no apology for that. Free speech is a legal right in the United States as of the time of writing this. By using this site you agree to hold Robert Beadles, his companies, his staff and third parties commissioned to work on the Service harmless for any profanity, allegation, slander, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, opinion, statement in both text or or media whether embedded, uploaded, linked to or created and made available publicly on the Service.

A ‘Citizen Journalist’ is a creator of content for the purposes of inclusion in the body of content that comprises the Service, henceforth known as the ‘Contributor’.

By registering an account with the Service, the Contributor agrees to refrain from uploading, linking to or otherwise creating content that is deliberately inflamatory, defamatory, slanderous, illegal, illicit and imoral. We reserve the right to remove and/or delete any material created by Contributors. We may from time to time, under legal obligation, be compelled to make any Contributor content including email addresses, website urls, IP addresses and other information, available to authorities if connected with an investigation. We reserve the right to shut down any Contributor account we feel is in violation of our terms, without notice.

As a Contributor, you are responsible for any personal information you submit to the Service. We do not collect identifiable information about you beyond what you supply willingly in the process of using the website.

All content will be moderated, however we do not make any guarantee about the accuracy or information presented on this website. All user generated content remains the property of the creator. As a Contributor, you may remove content you have created at any time without our permission. In the event a Contributor cannot remove their own content, we shall remove content upon request, with a 14 day grace period. All requests for content removal should be directed through the main contact link on the footer of this website.

All information and content provided by the Service is for entertainment purposes only and is neither the personal nor professional opinion of Robert Beadles, his staff, or any other third parties contracted by the Service.

By using the Service you agree to be bound by any and all terms specified here. These terms may change from time to time without notice.  Any change will be effective immediately and shall govern all interaction with the Service from that date henceforth. Please check this page for updates.

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