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Wrong Priorities, Forgotten Promises

A CNN poll released November 6, 2009 found that 47% of Americans believe the top issue facing our country is the economy, while only 17% said it was health care.  Yet for the past year, the major focus by both the President and his Democrat leaders has not been the economy, but health care.

To make matters worse, the 2000 page House health care bill would cut billions from Medicare, and increase billions in new taxes on our working and middle class families.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, a family of four making $66,000 a year would have to pay out $10,000 (or 10%) of their income for the House health care program – this is after the government picks up 58% of the premium.

Every day, while Californians watch their paychecks shrink, their jobs disappear and their savings continue to deplete, they also get to see Washington expand spending and increase deficits.

This nation was given promises about the number of jobs that would be saved and created by passing the economic stimulus package.  Those promises and many other promises have not held up.

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