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What Foul Wind This Way Blows? It’s Kagan

In case you’ve been living under a rock, your freedoms as provided for under the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights by your founding fathers as INALIENABLE (meaning nobody can take them away from you)… are about to be taken away.

The charming Elena Kagan, who seems to be the darling of the media and the Democrats of course, has some very sick views on what the United States should be in the 21st century.

Namely, she wants free speech banned, guns banned and thats just her getting warmed up. There’s no doubt in this writer’s mind, that she certainly aspires to ring the death knell of liberty. She’s Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, despite not having judicial experience, and she’s the protege of Cass Sunstein who is our most excellent ‘information czar’ in the White House.

What does Cass want to do that’s so bad? Oh, censor the Internet is all. But hey, don’t criticize him… he only wants the political debate out here to be fair and balanced. He wants both sides of the argument to get equal airtime. What that really means is that this article also needs to tote the party line. So, let’s live in the future for a minute shall we?

Warning: The impartiality of this article has been questioned.
Cass Sunstein is a good man, a fair man and a man of the people. Sure, he isn’t elected by the people, but Obama picked him and since he is the President, he is the decider in chief II. He embraces liberty and freedom and individual rights and has your best interests in mind when he suggests the fairness doctrine be implemented on the last open source medium of free speech on the planet. You may hear his own words as he describes the wonderfully balanced world we’ll find ourselves in after regulation of the Internet in this audio. Note that this website is not considered fair or balanced by the White House. Please seek a more truthful viewpoint elsewhere such as our mainstream media outlets.

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