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What about America?

Hey all, I was reading Phil’s article and yes democrats are on the way out, for the most part,  this election. But rather than just simply replacing a Republican for a Democrat or Democrat for a Republican as I have often said, we should hold them all equally accountable.

So many times we get fed up with one party and replace them with another, this needs to stop. We deserve better. We need to get to the root of the problem and fix it there. There has to be an individual accountability.

I won’t lie to you, I am a bit frightened about the whole democratic process ( we currently have a Republic but people still call it a Democratic process) I was looking at the numbers and saw that less than 10% in a lot of instances came out to vote in the primaries. This has me very worried.

We all have a huge stake in our Country and deserve what our Founding Fathers and our families fought so hard to give us. Why is it so many of us would rather watch our favorite sitcom than catch up on the current events or vote for our freedoms?

Why is it so many of us will never miss an American Idol episode and yet despise and cast out a televised political debate? We need political education people. We are fading away. Taxes are consuming us, political figures are betraying us, our freedoms are disappearing, our bankers are making their own rules that we have to pay for, it’s game time. We need to overcome and adapt. We need to stand up and back our party or candidate that we think will have the most effect that benefits the masses.

Where will you be, watching a Hollywood flick or flickin the ole middle finger to Washington saying we want real change, we want true representation that looks out for us? I hope we unplug for a second and come to long enough to fight for our Constitutional rights to survive and thrive.

I know I’m not alone, I know you want it too. Start small, one Congressman at a time if that’s what it takes. There are 435 of them. They are very important and critical to our survival. Back your candidates and elected officials, tell them whats important to you and back them so long as they back you. Back your Senators, two per State or your Candidates, Governors etc… You’ll get there but come on people…… 10%…… we need to stand up for our kids and vote!

November will be here before you know it, start now, tell your people to wake up and become part of something bigger than themselves. We need to change what’s happening. The unemployment levels are rising, America is now known for being the biggest job exporter rather than job importer, we need to fix this quick. The Government tells us the employment has risen by 500,000 people this month. What they don’t tell us is it was all Census workers they hire and fire to manipulate the statistics.

People we need to get involved, we need to overcome and take this on like a Dana White, UFC fight, Cage match style, no holds bared battle. Lets do it verbally of course but lets get involved. 10%…… come on people, our families and freedoms are worth more than that.

Just think at things this way,  what would Jefferson do. What will you decide? Get involved or get entertained Hollywood style? I know you will get involved, we all depend on it.

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  • 1stopman

    Hi Robert,

    Great commentary! It is true. Due to the dumbing down of America and predictive programing, our once great society is sound asleep to the realities of the world and our political system, as demonstrated by the wide spread use of the term democracy. I think Plato had it correct when told the story of The Cave. Too much of our society is shackled in chains and doesn’t even realize it. Once a person, much like the main character of The Cave, tries to open the eyes of our population, they are instantly disregard, demonized, and attacked. Meanwhile the unseen rulers play them like a puppet and guide our country to the brink of Hell and destruction. No one wants to miss the next episode of DWTS, and can tell you the stats of their favorite football team, but cannot tell you the name of their congressman.

    Our county is being melding into a globalist centralized government, and they cheer the criminals in three pieced suits who are leading them to the slaughter like sheep.

    I commend you for running for office and continually trying to wake people up.

    David Alcock