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US Foots Big Chunk Of EU Bailout

Breaking the backs of sovereign countries

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the strongarm of international loan sharking, under the guise of the UN. Its country members must contribute funds to a pool of money that is used to lend countries all over the globe.

Did you know the US is a major stakeholder? In fact it’s the THE largest stakeholder of any country but we really shouldn’t use investor terminology because unlike owning stock and seeing the potential of a return on your investment in the form of share prices rising or dividends being distributed, not such payoff exists for being a ‘stakeholder’ of this global institution. If you were under the misguided impression that the IMF helps third world countries grow, develop and avoid tough financial trouble, you’ve been listening to the controlled mainstream news too long. The IMF creates a dependency on world regulatory bodies with draconian regulations and strings attached to its loans, that are never able to be paid back, thus sending debtor nations into bondage.

And perhaps the term ‘institution’ is even misleading. Lets call a spade a spade. The IMF is a private corporation. A corporation that the United States is a 17.5% stakeholder in. That means every bailout hits the US taxpayer just like domestic spending would. The Federal Reserve also throws in its own money on top of the public money, inflating the money supply further.

So when you read about the EU being bailed out, and isn’t it great that disaster was averted and those lazy Greeks were saved by Germany… spare a thought for the United States who contributed untold (and rapidly escalating) billions to pay the banks who sold Greece on the derivative scam.

Nice job Uncle Sam!

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