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United Corporations Of America

We all know Rahm Emmanuel’s famous ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ line… well it seems they’re not when it comes to the oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico.

The truth of the matter is, the oil spewing up from the ruptured sea bed is far, far worse than anyone knows. They are grossly under-reporting the barrels-per-day figure, and rightly so. If they were to come clean and tell us what’s really going on, there would be some real action taken. Obama swanning around the Gulf Coast eating seafood is a slap in the face. PR campaigns are a slap in the face. As the oil flows the spin doctors are working harder than ever to turn this to achieve the aims of the globalist agenda.

It is not in America’s best interest to have this thing stopped right now, because it holds the key to getting the new energy policies through and once again pushing the carbon tax scam that is the TOP of the list for globalist bankers, the UN, royalty, traders and corporate scumbags the world over. The lure of a market based on trading carbon is just so juicy and alluring that nothing will stop the oil flow from ushering it in.

Yes, America has plenty of its own oil in Alaska, offshore and in shale that can be safely, effectively and profitably brought to market. But the fact is, this oil is not for us. No, we are going to suffer the crushing blow of subsidized and grossly inefficient ‘green’ power. The longer the oil flows, the more urgency is placed upon passing a green energy bill and cap and trade.

At the same time, billions of debt for a cleanup can and will be made a public burden either by BP filing for chapter 11 or by the same old swindle we see going on in the banking, insurance and car manufacturing industries – private profits, public debts.

And the globalists actually want us poor and dependent on them, so wiping out billions of capitalization from BP with a comment like Obama saying the Gulf oil spill is like 911, only serves to FURTHER their agenda.

What is the agenda? Take over big oil, make it government run, stop offshore drilling, pass green energy bills and the cap and trade scam. And use the EPA and IRS along with smart grid technology to keep everyone in line to make sure we follow the rules.

And no, they’re not interested in cleaning it up, which is why the LA Governor just said enough is enough, we’re going to set up barriers to protect our beaches.

ENOUGH of the reliance on the federal government. They do not want this crisis to go to waste. Your future is in their hands while you listen to the mainstream ‘news’ telling you there are people working on the problem. Lets get motivated while we still can.

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