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The Democrat Leadership Has Sunk To New Low

How can we allow for the Democrat leadership to compare those who question the feasibility of this health care bill and its costs with those who promoted slavery? It seems that the Democrat Party has sunk to a new low.

Harry Reid likens passing the healthcare bill to ending slaveryClick here to watch Harry Reid in action

When Dianne Feinstein and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger question how Californians will pay for this new health care, do they also favor slavery?

Where Will The State Get That Money? “If you put everybody on Medicaid at 133 percent of the federal poverty rate, the cost to the state is $2 billion,” Feinstein said. “Where does the state get that money when it’s got a $15 billion shortfall next year and probably for many years after that?” (Carolyn Lochead, “Feinstein Skeptical About Health Care Costs,” San Francisco Chronicle, 9/12/09)

California Senator Dianne Feinstein Questions Costs. “Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is playing a familiar role in this debate: the voice of reason. “I could not support a bill that pushes additional costs on California state government or its counties,” she said this week.” (Editorial, “Health Care Bill Has Huge Tab For State Taxpayers,” San Diego Union Tribune, 10/8/09)

California Governor Questions Costs. “ The Schwarzenegger administration estimates this would cost California a staggering $8 billion. This is an enormous problem. The plunge in revenue due to the deep recession has left the state utterly strapped for money. The 2009-10 budget approved in late July is easily the leanest in at least a decade. So where would this money come from? The most likely answer is from a hodgepodge of tax increases — higher sales, gasoline and income levies and more. In other words, from every Californian in every income bracket.” (Editorial, “Health Care Bill Has Huge Tab For State Taxpayers,” San Diego Union Tribune, 10/8/09)

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