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Your Vote Counts

Your Vote Counts:

Let us all take a moment and carefully examine our ballots, if you have it. Some of you may have opted to vote by mail like I have making it more convenient for ourselves. It can be a hassle to have to drive to the designated areas to vote when we are so busy with our daily lives.

It’s nice to be able to fill it out in the comfort of our own homes or offices and simply throw it to the mail box when we are done and tell the Man our choices. If you have not opted to vote by mail, no problem. I am going to give you the CA District 11 choices, I encourage you to research every Candidate, Proposition and Measure. The world is at our finger tips with the Internet. We can find websites that help us with our choices or phone numbers to groups that can help us decide as well.

Lets get started!      ( Remember this is for CA CD 11 although most will still apply )

And I excluded any candidate that has no challenger, simply write in a name or bubble in next to theirs.


Robert C. Newman II

David Tully-Smith

Meg Whitman

Steve Poizner

Bill Chambers

Ken Miller

Douglas R. Hughes

Lawrence “Larry” Naritelli


LT Governor:

Sam Aanestad

Yvonne R. Girard

Bert Davis

Abel Maldonado

Dave Harris

Scott L. Levitt


Sec of State:

Damon Dunn

Orly Taitz



David Evans

Tony Strickland


Attorney General:

Tom Harman

John Eastman

Steve Cooley


Insurance Commissioner:

Mike Villines

Brian Fitzgerald


Member, State Board Of Equalization, District 2:

Edward C. Streichman

Barbara Alby

George Runner

Alan Nakanishi


United States Senator:

Carly Fiorina

Al Ramirez

Chuch Devore

Tom Campbell

Tim Kalemkarian


United States Representative 11th District:

Brad Goehring

David Harmer-The only vote I [read more]