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Stockton Record: Candidate fires back after search of business

By The Record
January 09, 2010

LODI – A Lodi congressional candidate whose business was searched by law enforcement for stolen property on Monday has issued a statement alleging accusations against him were politically motivated.

Robert Beadles, 32, owns a construction safety company called Robert Beadles, Inc., and is running on the Republican ticket for the right to challenge 11th Congressional District incumbent Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton.

In a written statement Thursday, Beadles called the allegations, which were brought to police by a business competitor, “false accusations and smear tactics to prevent us from winning the Republican nomination.”

Beadles said that because his competitor, Gary Anderson of Farwest Safety, Inc., had an employee send an e-mail informing media outlets and primary candidate Brad Goering of the police search of his business, the accusations are politically motivated.

A task force searched the Lodi-based RBI on Monday, looking for stolen street signs and construction equipment. The team found several items and are working to determine if they are stolen, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department said. No arrests have been made.

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