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First let me say thank you to CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson and San Francisco columnist Debra Saunders, who shed some light on Washington’s Global Warming parties where you, the taxpayer, got to pick up the tab.

21 members of Congress and their 38 staffers each spent $2,200 per person, per day to stay at a five-star hotel.  This does not include the 60-plus administration officials who attended the Global Warming Summit in Copenhagen or “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members [who] flew on three military planes at an estimated cost of $168,000.” (Debra Saunders, “So Much Wasted Green For Climate-Change Talks,” San Francisco Chronicle, 1/31/10)

How about this fact: Many staffers flew commercial airlines at fares ranging from $4,163 – $10,038 per flight.  Yet, the reporter noted that the flights could have been purchased for $800 online.

And how did they handle all the pollution for traveling to Copenhagen… ”the House bought ‘offsets’ for the journey’s emissions.”  Of course they did.

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