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Ron Paul Polling In Top Tier In Nevada


Ron Paul Polling In Top Tier In Nevada

Desperate establishment now dismisses validity of caucuses and primaries as well as Congressman

Steve Watson
December 22, 2011

Ron Paul Polling In Top Tier In Nevada image

A new poll out of Nevada shows that Ron Paul is holding his status as a top tier candidate with a solid support base that can only grow exponentially with likely successes in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The 8NewsNow/Las Vegas Review-Journal poll has Paul in third place with 12.7 percent of the votes. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney narrowly comes in first with 33.1 percent to Newt Gingrich’s 29.2 percent. All the other candidates polled 5% or less.

The Nevada Caucuses are scheduled for February 4th, meaning the state is the fifth to take to the polls, after Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida and South Carolina.

Ron Paul’s campaign has a strong base in Nevada, having established two campaign offices there back in October.

“Dr. Paul’s team will work hard to spread his message of liberty throughout the state,” Ron Paul 2012 Nevada Executive Director Steve Bierfeldt said in a press release at the time.

The media continues to dismiss Paul’s chances even as he is now shown to be leading in Iowa in every recent poll.

The fact that Paul now stands a real chance of winning outright in Iowa has caused establishment pundits and GOP insiders to resort to the desperate attempt to convince the public that the early caucuses and primaries are now meaningless.

To his credit, one mainstream media talking head who has given Paul the time of day is Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto, who told viewers yesterday “I’m not here as a supporter of Ron Paul, but as an opponent of anyone dismissing Ron Paul, or anyone else at this stage. They’re all due a fair hearing, not an unfair clearing.”

Cavuto also highlighted the fact that both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were declared “unelectable” and that “history is full of candidates who couldn’t make it but did.”

Cavuto added, “Now if Ron Paul does surprise, don’t blame it on average voters who didn’t see it coming. Blame it on haughty media pundits who continued dismissing him—even as he did.”

In the face of exponential growing support for Paul, various corporate media outlets, led by arch neocon Bill Kristol’s The Weekly Standard, are once again attempting to resurrect a long debunked and ridiculous racist smear against Paul.

Paul has consistently addressed the issue when asked about it, making it clear that he is and never was associated with newsletters from the early 1990s claiming to be written on his behalf by anonymous and unknown individuals.

When a CNN reporter again asked Paul about the issue yesterday, he provided the same answer. When the reporter pressed him on it over and over again, the Congressman simply ended the interview, making it clear that he had no interest in facilitating those who wish to destroy his campaign through lies and smear.

Instead of highlighting this, CNN chose to run with the childish headline “Ron Paul gets testy during interview”, with Wolf Blitzer doing his best to inflame the non-issue.

Meanwhile, the Ron Paul campaign is continuing its advertising blitz in Iowa and New Hampshire with another new ad spot.

The piece is a 30 second christmas themed monologue from Paul’s son, the Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The Senator talks of his father’s unfaltering values and sets him apart establishment politicians.

“My father taught me the value of commitment to faith, family and our Constitution.” the Senator states.

“He’s always stayed true to his principles and convictions. He won’t falter, he won’t bend, and he will restore what made America great,” he adds.

“Senator Paul is always there for his father and he will make a great First Son. Through this ad, the senator makes a strong argument for why citizen activists concerned with America’s future are ideal partners with Ron Paul in restoring America to prosperity and its founding principles,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

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