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Robert Beadles Statement On Recent Political Accusations

This past week, local law enforcement executed a search warrant on my property erroneously charging alleged possession of stolen property.  I cooperated with the law enforcement officials and answered all questions.

I have come to learn that this warrant was based on false statements made by a business competitor, Gary Anderson, collaborating with a disgruntled former employee of mine who was terminated for stealing fuel and materials – and who now works for Anderson.

Since the search was conducted, I have not been charged with any crime.

Initially, this seemed to be a lowly, desperate, and perhaps personal attack by a competitor.  But the more I have learned about the circumstances of this incident, the more I am forced to consider political motivations.

The search warrant was issued by the court on December 28, 2009, but was not executed until January 4, 2010.

Given the stress on local tax revenues, reduced services and budget deficits facing local governments, is sending law enforcement officers to search my property for allegedly stolen goods of minor economic value the best use of scarce public safety resources?

Additionally, an employee of my competitor sent a press release announcing the search to political reporters throughout the 11th Congressional District, as well as one of my primary opponents, Brad Goering.  This occurred shortly after the sheriff’s deputies’ arrival and raises questions about what my competitor knew of this search in advance. (see this link)

Raising additional questions about my business competitor’s actions is a call one of his employees made to my office supervisor warning him about the search just as sheriff’s deputies arrived. (see this link)

Given the appearance of foul play and petty tactics, it is no wonder that hard working and honest individuals find the political process to be so distasteful.  Unfortunately, there are too many Gary Andersons in the world who are petty and malicious in pursuit of monetary gain.  However, I refuse to be bullied or prevented from standing up for what I believe.

This election has always been about fighting for struggling, hard working California families.  My campaign will continue to focus on getting our economy back on track, creating good, lasting jobs for California, and giving the people of the 11th congressional district the conservative, independent leadership they deserve.

I will not allow these false accusations and smear tactics prevent us from winning the Republican nomination for Congress and giving people a responsible, responsive voice in the House of Representatives.

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