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Road Construction Services

When roadways need repair, it takes more than just a crew to fix the issue. A team of professionals are required maintain the safety of the crew along with those driving on the road. You see them every day, but may not know all the tasks they are required to perform so that everyone remains informed and safe when roads are repaired, repainted, or expanded.

The services for keeping construction crews and passing motorists safe are often performed by independent companies that are contracted to ensure that the area being addressed remains safe for those doing the work while allowing traffic to still pass. It is important for city planners to consider hiring the services of companies dedicated to protecting road crews so the work can be performed efficiently by using cost-effective means.

What are Road Construction Services?

When you are driving along a road and see warning signs, safety cones, barricades, and workers who are flagging and directing traffic, that is an example of the services needed when roads are being repaired.


Everything starts with the proper planning so that your road crews can do the work as efficiently as possible while being protected. This means identifying the area where the work will take place, creating a plan to warn oncoming drivers of their presence, and set up effective traffic control so that vehicles and road crews are separated properly.

Traffic Control:

Repairs require the presence of trucks, equipment, supplies, and workers who may be in danger from oncoming traffic unless there are proper controls set in place. This may only require the presence of signs or more extensive controls such as barricades, boards, and workers who flag and stop traffic when necessary so that trucks can pass or when one side of the road is being addressed, so the other side is used to pass traffic.


We offer a wide range of signs, barricades, boards, towers, and other safety equipment designed to protect those who work along the roadways. For example, if your city or town is planning on mowing alongside a highway, we have the proper traffic signs, cones, and boards needed to inform drivers of their presence which you can rent at low, affordable rates.

In addition, the best construction safety companies will go above and beyond to protect the site. This is why City Rise Safety Services has proven to be one of the best in California.

Why Choose City Rise Safety Services?

When it comes to creating an engineered traffic control plan to ensure the safety of repair crews and those driving on the road, no company in California can match City Rise Safety Services. We provide the best combination of knowledge, experience, highway safety services, and rentals for your needs when repairing, repainting, or expanding roadways.

Over the years, City Rise Safety Services has served the citizens of California by providing the best in highway safety planning, control, rentals, and services that are designed to create a safe environment for road crews and drivers passing by. If your town or city is planning work on a roadway, call City Rise Safety Services today so your crews are properly protected so they can do their jobs.

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