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Welcome to RobertBeadles.org - the website that gives you, the people, an independent political voice. Following Robert's withdrawal from the CD-11 campaign in California, we received a lot of requests for help in getting the voice of the people heard. So, we're turning this site over to you, the citizen journalist.

Just click the button above to join and speak your mind on any subject on the political radar... political candidates & representatives, policy, rights and liberties, the United States Constitution & Bill Of Rights, family values, healthcare, corruption, banking, government accountability, military... whatever you wish.

We ask that all citizen journalists agree to our terms and refrain from using profanity or hate speech. This site is moderated and each view or opinion expressed here is that of the author and not of this website's owner or staff. Personal responsibility is one of the principals on which our great country was founded, and so it is with this website. The bullhorn is yours - have your say now.

Help The Gulf Coast Families!

Please check out this link and learn how you can help residents of the Gulf Of Mexico survive the United States’ second 9/11 – make no mistake… This event will live in infamy and small businesses, livelihoods and health of everyday families are being flushed down the toilet. We all need to help our fellow man.

Imagine if it were you and your family caught down there with no income, no way to leave, and no end in sight.

http://www. GulfCoastFamilyFund.org.org/share.html

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