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David Harmer

Guys we need new representation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I support Dave for a reason! I BELIEVE IN HIM! He’s lookin out for us! It’s that simple. Are you tired of our elected officials looking out for themselves or their parties? I sure am. Mcnerney is lookin out for Obama and Pelosi.  He’s not lookin out for us. We need someone that will.

Many will tell you lies about Harmer to sway your vote, but quite VERY simply, he’s the best for the job! There is NO ONE else that comes close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    If you want someone that is going to look out for you and your family there is NO choice but David Harmer!!!!!!!!!

I ran for Congress, I know the candidates, I like and admire Tony and Elizabeth they are GREAT people and Brad has huge family ties to the district and isn’t all bad, no matter what the liberals say. Not all of of us would say we want to kill liberals, that would be absolute madness. Well, as a matter of fact none of us would ever say that. We have to co-exist! I know they took his comment out of context but our elected have to be able to work together even from different parties. We have to reach across the aisle so to speak, we may have differed opinions but  we need to come together! WE HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER  OR OUR REPUBLIC IS LOST! We need representation that represents us, WE THE PEOPLE. I know the voters will do what’s right!

Vote for David Harmer. He is a man of the people. He has my backing a hundred and ten percent because I know he will represent us properly! Where will you stand election day………………for we the people (David Harmer) or them the people’s second, third and fourth choice? It’s David Harmer or another district and HUGE House vote LOST!!!!!!!

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