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Conservative News Media

Like I said in my earlier post, some blogs and articles won’t allow me to post comments to them, people come out on their blog sites and talk a bunch of trash on people and then they can’t even respond.

Thank you for allowing me to here. I actually wanted to respond on your behalf, I can’t see that you ever lowered yourselves to their level and played their little games. I’ve read your story and saw you in Manteca at the debate, you seem like a hell of a guy. I’m offended for you. For instance there is this site called Conservative News Media that bashes you and Harmer.

They call you a get rich quick schemer. What total b.s. Do they know you simply wrote the six dollar book to help people become self reliant and the money raised went to charity? Wow sounds like a real scam there. What simpletons.

They talk trash on you yet it appears they have ridden your coat tails on your name. I went to their site and they have your name all over the place on the right side so google will give them more hits. They look like they are only in existence to bash you and Harmer.

They say that you are some right wing nut because you had said you like Alex Jones. I guess they didn’t realize Alex Jones and Ron Paul helped create the TEA party movement. I guess CNM hates the TEA Party and labels all members nut jobs? Doesn’t CNM realize that they themselves have openly said they like Michael Jackson and Elton John. So does that make them alleged child molesting homosexuals? Just curious?

They also say they work for Brad Goehring and think he’s great, so does that too make them illegal alien hiring, liberal hunters? Just asking because off there comparison with you and Alex, it makes them Child molesting, homosexuals that hire illegal aliens and hunt liberals. If not at least they condone it right?

Sounds pretty ridiculous to me, it sounds to me they will stoop to whatever level it takes so their boy Brad wins and you and Harmer look bad.

People like myself can see through their smear tactics and lies. Thank you again for allowing everyday folk like me a place to speak my mind and voice my opinions.

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  • theconstitutionalist

    Ted – I couldn't agree more. I mean, if you're going to frame someone up, at least do it intelligently. These heavy handed thugs made themselves look like idiots and Robert was completely vindicated. No surprise there… because he is a man of the people. Anyone who stands up to their stage managed astroturf candidates gets slapped down. Well, the people see through you and your media whores, so wake up to yourselves.