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Get Well Cards


Greeting cards are a tool for sending goodwill messages to family and friends both far and near. This human behavior can be traced back to the earliest of ages, as far back as the old ass days. From the ancient Chinese who exchanged messages of good will to celebrate the New Year to the early Egyptians who conveyed their greetings on papyrus scrolls, gave birth to the use and exchange of cards as greetings. Now they’re everywhere. You can’t go to a gas station without seeing a little rack of them staring you in the face.

Greeting cards can basically be categorized by their purpose and types of the event involved; they come in different shape and forms of designs.

Types of Greeting Cards

There are seasonal greeting cards, occasional cards, and everyday cards.


Birthday Cards
Anniversary Cards
Get Well Cards
Friendship Cards
Sympathy cards
Anytime cards

When you’re giving someone a get well soon or recovery message, there are several ways to do it. You can send them a post in the mail, SMS text message them, phone call them, or send them a get well card.  Get well cards are probably the most sentimental way to show the receiver their significance in your eyes.

GET WELL CARDS  are greeting cards that are sent to a person who is unwellx for any reason. The card you give them can express a wish for a speedy recovery.or tell them [read more]

Send a MemoryTag Condolence Card That Really Isn’t

We’ve all heard of the condolence greeting card, this is where someone has suffered a tragedy and you send them a card to express your sympathy.

But a condolence card doesn’t necessarily have to be over something really sad like a death in the family, it can also be for something that is not all that sad, but still shows the recipient of the card that you care and are thinking about them.

For example, what if you unthinkingly ate your roommate’s last piece of cake, you’re just human after all, you were hungry and here in the refrigerator is that gorgeous piece of chocolate cake and there was nothing else left to eat in the refrigerator because you and your roommate never restock the shared food supplies.

She had clearly left a small note on the piece of cake that said, “Jeanne, don’t eat.”

You ate the cake anyway.

What better way to make up than to buy a MemoryTag card for as little as $3 the one that says “I was Hangry, Forgive me.”https://memorytag.cards/collections/sorry

You could use the card’s video capability to take your smartphone and record a message of apology, downloading the MemoryTag app and placing the video recording on the small patch on the card. Your roommate uses her smartphone, opens the card and plays back your message.

You could say something like, “All my life I have felt deprived and tried to make up for it with heartless acts of insensitivity. I don’t deserve [read more]

Know a New Baby, Send a Memorytag Card

Do you know someone who just had a new baby?

What better way to honor the event than by sending a MemoryTag card and leaving a video message on it congratulating the lucky parents, and also perhaps warning them what they’ve let themselves in for. https://memorytag.cards/collections/baby

First of all, the joy, the sheer joy of bringing into the world a new person, and all the future promise they represent, a form of immortality really if you’re the parent, a little person who is partly you, carries your DNA and looks somewhat like you.

Hopefully, not completely like you in appearance that’s if you’re ugly.

Don’t worry about it.

If you’re the father, this all happened because your little juice pollywog swam upstream and hit ground zero—-the grand circle of life, the egg in the womb. There to ferment and fester and then POP! Out comes junior. You’re proud, you’re happy, you’re thrilled.

Now let’s talk about the bills.

This is just the beginning. When your meager income begins to takes hits—from the purchase of diapers, and little bottles of green gooey slimy food that looks like the stuff you deposited in the urinal of a Mexican hotel when you ate rancid squid and got Montezuma’s revenge.

It all adds up. A card that reads “Oh Sh’t You’re a Dad” might be appropriate. https://memorytag.cards/collections/baby/products/oh-sh-t-you-re-a-dad

Now you’re a parent, a role for which you’ve had no training, no instructional class in how to, no preparation, kind [read more]

Road Construction Services

When roadways need repair, it takes more than just a crew to fix the issue. A team of professionals are required maintain the safety of the crew along with those driving on the road. You see them every day, but may not know all the tasks they are required to perform so that everyone remains informed and safe when roads are repaired, repainted, or expanded.

The services for keeping construction crews and passing motorists safe are often performed by independent companies that are contracted to ensure that the area being addressed remains safe for those doing the work while allowing traffic to still pass. It is important for city planners to consider hiring the services of companies dedicated to protecting road crews so the work can be performed efficiently by using cost-effective means.

What are Road Construction Services?

When you are driving along a road and see warning signs, safety cones, barricades, and workers who are flagging and directing traffic, that is an example of the services needed when roads are being repaired.


Everything starts with the proper planning so that your road crews can do the work as efficiently as possible while being protected. This means identifying the area where the work will take place, creating a plan to warn oncoming drivers of their presence, and set up effective traffic control so that vehicles and road crews are separated properly.

Traffic Control:

Repairs require the presence of trucks, equipment, supplies, and workers who may be [read more]

Send Your Favorite Bachelorette TV Star a MemoryTag Card

MemoryTag Greeting Cards

Some television shows are so god awful and so preposterous I mean it was only a matter of time when a TV show would reduce romance and marriage into what is virtually a slave auction—-I mean the show the Bachelorette.

The show is trending in the news today and have you seen the show, have you subjected yourself to it? Perhaps if you watch it you should go to a mirror and ask yourself, why am I watching this? Who cares if men finalists Bryan Abasolo, Eric Bigger and some guy named Peter Kraus compete for the affections of some wanna-be starlet named Rachel Lindsay.

First of all, you can’t be ugly and be on the show. The Bachelorette discriminates against people who are butt ugly and who make up a large share of us all. You also can’t be elderly or openly a pervert.

You have to be a slim earnest looking guy with a beard and usually a short stubble beard these guys apparently think it makes them appear to be rugged, manly.

None of these people on the show have to exhibit talent of any kind other than looking earnest Abasolo, for example, is a chiropractor.

Lindsay herself is not exactly what I would call an intellectual. In telling one of the male contestants why she could not commit to marriage based on the most shallow pretext possible—–exposure on a game show—-she told this guy——-get this—“It’s hard to say goodbye when I have such strong feelings for you (formed no doubt during a [read more]

How Hard Is It To Get A Traffic Control Plan?

Whether you work for a city or are in need of a traffic control plan for an upcoming project, you know that the hoops that you have to jump through in order to get your plan off the ground are endless.  Did you know that there is an easier way?  Many people these days are turning to private traffic control planners for projects as big as a sidewalk overall to smaller projects that just require a traffic flagger.  Having other options is not only a great way to save money, but also allows you take to control of your newest undertaking from start to finish.

What is a traffic control plan?

A traffic control plan is a special permit that is needed for any type of work that would disturb local traffic patterns.  This means that is you have a project coming up that would interfere with not only street traffic but also pedestrian and bike traffic, you will need a traffic plan.  This also depends on what city you live in because each district has its own set of rules and guidelines that you will have to follow.

While most of the time you will see a traffic control plan being used where there is major construction or road work, there are many smaller projects that will still require you to follow the same process as some of the bigger jobs.  This may seem like too much work for smaller projects, but these guidelines are there for a reason.  The biggest reason is [read more]

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