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6 Days Away!

The election is but 6 days away! As the date closes in you can almost touch, smell and taste the anticipation and excitement in the air. We the voters will decide our representatives. We the voters will  tell ole Uncle Sam what we think. We must choose our candidates not so much on their words but their actions.

We need to carefully choose our candidates so we don’t end up right back where we are now. Take for instance David Harmer, whom I support, he has stayed true this whole time to his values and principals,  and he hasn’t attacked the other candidates even though he has been viciously attacked by some of them. He knows removing McNerney is the goal, not hurting his fellow Republicans.

What I would like to see is an awakening. I would like to see the voters realize that when we get tired or angry with  Republicans we vote in Democrats when we get tired or angry with Democrats we vote in Republicans. I say this has to stop. Their has to be an individual accountability. Our elected officials must be held to their promises regardless of party.

If they lie or break their promises, we hold them individually accountable and vote them out. We need our Representatives at every level looking out for our best interests. Our Representatives need to remember they work for us, not us for them, they are not better than us for there would be no them without us.

In closing all I can say is please choose carefully. Your vote does count and we are all counting on you to exercise your right that so many other people in so many other places are denied the liberty to do so. Get out there and support your candidates and remember……………

Vote David Harmer for Congress   🙂


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